DIY Sea Salt Spray for Gorgeous Beachy Waves

As summer is finally approaching I decided to finally make my own DIY sea salt spray.  I have been wanting to master those beachy waves for awhile and couldn’t bare to spend $25 on product.  This DIY version works just as good for a fraction of the price!

Earlier this year I finally ditched showering every day in part to reduce my water wastes but also in an effort to repair my hair.

I have been blow drying and straightening my hair for as long as I can remember which has now resulted in dry, brittle hair.

Not washing it every day has certainly helped (find my DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe HERE) but I still styled it every day, which I knew was the root of my hair problems.

I dreamed of having healthy hair that I could air dry.  Oh and I dreamed of those beachy waves, so after some research decided sea salt spray was my way to go.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend $25 on some product so set out to make my own.  Cheaper, no harmful chemicals and I could buy everything I need in bulk, making this a very eco friendly, zero waste experiment.

After some research this is the concoction I came up with:

1 cup hot water 
2 T epsom salts 
1 T sea salt (optional, adds a little stiffness) 
2 t aloe gel

Add all ingredients to a glass spray bottle and shake until salt is dissolved.

Spray on damp hair and scrunch (is that a word?) into your hair with a towel.  I continued to scrunch it as it dried to help the waves set in.

If your hair is really stubborn, you can wash it the night before and sleep in a loose top knot or braids to help the curls set.

Now, I will note, I have pretty thin, straight hair but this mixture worked great!   I was super surprised by the results.

Made completely from items I already had lying around the house!

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