Easy Ways to Add More Protein to a (Plant-Based) Diet

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The biggest question I always get from people looking to adopt a vegan diet is “what about protein?”  I can assure you, protein is not a problem for those eating plant based, but I wanted to share some easy vegan protein options to add to your diet today.

If you are new to veganism and want more info on protein, check out this article.

Truth be told, most Americans eat MORE than the recommended daily amount of protein.  I won’t get into politics but we’ll just say media (and the government) want us to eat more (animal based) protein.

But it is so easy to eat plenty of protein, even on a plant based diet.  So, don’t you worry your pretty little head.

I will say that it is still important to track your protein (and other diet essentials) so try adding some of these easy ingredients into your meal plan.

Hemp Seeds
Just three tablespoons of hemp seeds have 10 grams of protein.  These are perfect in everything from salads to oatmeals and smoothies!  Just sprinkle them on top of your finished dish for a protein up charge.

Black Eyed Peas
We all know how beans pack that protein punch, but did you know peas do as well! Black eyed peas are great to sub into minestrone soup and stir frys!

Pumpkin Seeds 
With 12 grams of protein per cup, this is my go to munchie snack.  Great for road trips and traveling in general.  Try this Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seed recipe!

Who would of thought this green superfood had 4 grams of protein per tablespoon?  This is my go to add in to my morning smoothie.  Try it with banana, almond milk and vanilla protein powder.

Nutritional Yeast
Ever wonder how those vegan cheeses get that flavor?  Well, nutritional yeast is the bomb diggity.  It also has 8 grams of protein in 2 tablespoons.  Try this delicious salad dressing!

This leafy green actually has 5 grams of protein per cup.  I put a cup of spinach in everything I can.  In smoothies, burrito bowls and obviously salads.

Protein Powder
When I started lifting more and my protein needs went up, this was my first stop.  A lot of protein powders have A TON of protein so it’s super easy to get what you need.  Check out this post on my fav vegan protein powders.

Hope these help you add some variety to your meal plan.

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