A Vegan’s Guide to Noodles & Company

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I recently got to chat with Noodles & Company about their NEW dish hitting stores today AND their options for vegetarians and vegans.  Yes, it is possible to eat vegan at Noodles & Company!

I’ll be the first to admit, I have a love affair with Noodles & Company. (If you follow me on Instagram you know this all too well).

 It all started years ago when I was just a wee little sophomore in college.  

I was a recently turned vegetarian and spent my Sundays cuddled up at Starbucks with my journalism homework and one of my besties.  

And it just so happened that the Starbucks in our little college town was attached to a Noodles & Co.  

It didn’t take long for my gal pal foodie Ari to introduce me to the amazingness that was Noodles.  I was in awe of their delicious options and thrilled that they had tofu as a protein option (guys, this was EIGHT years ago, that was almost unheard of back then).  

Soon our Starbucks Sundays turned into Starbucks with a side of Noodles 😉  

Since then it has always been one of my favorite quick stops, both because of the memories and the food.  

After adopting a fully vegan lifestyle three years ago, I was a little nervous to step foot in my favorite restaurant.  I knew a few of my go-to dishes had dairy in them.  How could I go on?

I walked in and stared at the menu for awhile, before noticing “ask about our vegan options” plastered right on the menu.  You can bet I did just that.  

A couple options were vegan naturally and I was pleased to find out that a couple more could easily become so.  

Today you can walk in and have a bunch of great options to choose from.  Let me break it down for you:

Here’s how to make these vegan: 
Penne Rosa – minus cheese, minus cream sauce (my personal favorite)
Bangkok Curry – minus milk
BACK Pasta Fresca – minus cheese, minus cream
NEW Thai Green Curry – minus shrimp
NEW Adobo – minus pork, minus cheese
Korean Noodles – minus beef, sub noodles (traditional made with egg noodles)
Traditional Spaghetti: minus meatballs, minus cheese

I don’t know about you, but I feel like that is a LOT of choose from.  I have gone to too many places where my only option is an iceberg salad and some fries.  

It is also important to note that their noodle dishes can be made GLUTEN FREE.  Sub their regular noodles for gluten free pasta or rice noodles.  

You can also sub the noodles for a bed of spinach for no extra moolah and turn your fav dish into a loaded salad!

I have also always been a fan of their commitment to using the best possible products; from fresh veggies to organic tofu.  A company that only uses the best ingredients always has my vote.  

Okay, now that I talked your ear off for awhile about my obsession, let’s get to the juicy stuff: their NEW Thai Green Curry.  

Rumor has it, Noodles & Co’s head chef, Nick Graff, has been obsessed with a local Colorado green curry so he has been playing with his own concoction to get the flavors just right.  

The company stated they have gotten a ton of requests for a menu item like this and because they really take that feedback and run with it, we now all get to eat yummy green curry whenever we want 😉

Our obsessive nagging has finally paid off!!  

The only sad news in all of this is that our beloved Bangkok Curry is getting the boot.  The team at Noodles received word that the dish wasn’t as authentic as they aim to be.  So out with the Bangkok in with the Green.  (Green is the new black, anyway).

The new Thai Green Curry is more authentic and the dish features fresh produce that is indigenous to Thailand, like snap peas and pineapple.  

The sauce has also taken authenticity into account using fresh ginger and galangal.  All this poured over a bed of rice noodles (MY FAV!).

The menu item pairs it with shrimp, but we all know this would be better with seared tofu anyway.  Luckily we can do just that!

I have been told that the flavors are fireworks on your taste buds. I cannot wait to get my hands on this dish after work today and see for myself.  I just may have a fav new dish.

I’ll be posting photos and a review of the dish tonight on my Instagram, be sure to follow along.

New to veganism and not sure how to bring it up with family and friends?  Check out our post talking about just that!

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