5 Fair Trade and American Made Denim Brands

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Is there anything better than the perfect fitting blue jean?  Create an incredibly fashion forward but relaxed look for any time and place.  We rounded up the best sustainable denim brands.  

The traditional denim industry is unfortunately a filthy business. The normal dying process uses many chemicals and therefore dramatically harms the earth.  

As more and more light is shown on the denim (and fashion industry as a whole) it is great to see brands stepping up to the task of creating a more earth friendly product.  

For this post I wanted to wrap up five great American based brands that are taking the fair trade, sustainably made to heart.

To learn a little more about the basics of sustainable fashion, check out our post HERE.

Source Denim
Source Denim is made with biodegradable and natural materials that replace the traditional harsh chemicals otherwise seen in the textile industry.  

Their family owned workshop is based in LA where they employ 100 people, creating loca, fair trade jobs.  

By skimming their website you’ll also notice something, they refrain from the popular “distressed” look in their products.  They believe in RAW denim that has not been chemically treated to create a bleached or worn appearance.  

This also means better quality and a pair of jeans that will last you for years to come!  We are all about quality over here, so this is a win win for us!

Shop Source Denim

Buck Mason
Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen started out as neighbors in Venice, CA and became business partners in 2013 with the launch of their label Buck Mason.

They set up shop in a 350 square foot garage.  While Sasha built the website, Erik created the lines first jeans and tees.  

Quality being at the forefront of their business model they teamed up with a local family factory to create small batch runs of their unique items.

They create classic pieces that will last much longer than just a season and always remina in style.    

Shop Buck Mason

Bluer Denim
Bluer Denim is all American from start to finish.  

Their cotton is grown in Georgia, woven in North Carolina, designed in Oregon and made in California.  

They are also so committed to their quality that they have a one year warranty on their products.  Just ship it back and it’s repaired for free!

With their Buy One, Give One program you can ship them your old jeans to receive a credit to use on a new pair.  Your old pair is then donated to those in need.

Their 100% transparent process helps make buying with them an easy choice.  

Shop Bluer Denim

Imogene and Willie
This husband/ wife duo’s dream began when both of them found themselves jobless after their family businesses closed up. They had dreams to create something new.

They put their idea to paper and in the wee hours of a chilly January day they hit send on an e-mail sharing their dream with their closest family and friends.

They launched their brand with one single e-mail and two products, an inaugural jean for women (Imogene) and men (Willie).  Their goal to sell 250 pairs was met with in just 3 weeks and the company soared from there.

Their dream to make the perfect pair of jeans to fit our imperfect bodies became a reality.  There shop opened in Nashville, TN with an accompanying repair shop.  Their jeans come with a 1 year warranty and inexpensive repair prices after that first year.  

They believe in repairing versus replacing, and we are all about that, too!

Shop Imogene and Willie

Live Fashionable
Okay so this one isn’t all American made, but it was born in America.  And this company’s motto can be summed up in one sentence: jobs versus charity.

It is an American based company, with creatives located around the world.  They truly understand the importance of charity to those living without the necessities that they need.  But they know that giving to those communities is only the beginning.

They wanted to help create for thriving and self sufficient areas with the creation of jobs.  

One, we must create jobs for those lacking opportunity, and two, we must do so for women.”

By doing the manufacturing of the products in these communities of need, they are creating jobs along the way to create sustained benefits.  

Their line not only includes fashion forward and responsibly made denim, but also jewelry.

Shop Live Fashionable

In an industry that is causing so much harm, it is so wonderful to see companies dedicated to doing something right.  

And the best thing we can do as consumers is vote with our dollar and buy products from those looking to make a difference and a positive impact.

with love,

sustainable denim
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