Luxury Vegan Handbags that are Way Better than Leather

vegan handbags

Anyone else a handbag addict?  No, just me?

I always can justify spending money on handbags because you use one EVERY day and a good staple bags will polish off the perfect outfit like nothing else can.

When I first made the switch to a vegan diet I slowly started learning more about how veganism needed to be carried across my entire lifestyle, including my wardrobe and beauty counter.

Since then I haven’t really bought many handbags because non-leather alternatives didn’t really exist and the ones that did didn’t really appeal to my style.

Fast forward oh so many years and a couple months ago I started searching for a new vegan bag.  I was met with so many options I could hardly contain my excitement.  Since then I have been meaning to do a round up of my favorite brands I have since found so that hopefully you can find the perfect cruelty free bag for you!

Melie Bianco
We are going to start here as this is the bag that is featured above!  I ended up purchasing two bags from this site, the one pictured above and an adorable clutch.  I just love the sleek modern look to these bags and their structure.  Leather bags get their popularity from their strong lines and sturdiness.  I was glad to see a vegan leather that could hold up to those standards!

These vegan handbags are also very affordable, hence why I “accidentally” bought two instead of my intended one.  But it was well worth it and didn’t break the bank.  Win, win.

Stella McCartney
I have to give my girl shout out (yes, we are besties and braid each other’s hair.  UGH.  If only…..).  I just love Ms. McCartney.  Being the first HIGH END vegan luxury brand is an amazing feat and I am so glad to see here line become more popular with vegans and non-vegans a like.  She gives us plant based babes a good rap.

Her line isn’t completely vegan, so just be sure to check labels.  There are A LOT of faux options.

Angela Roi
I lust over every single one of their vegan handbags.  Their line has everything from backpacks to the perfect tote.  Angela and Roi started this line in 2013 with a vision to produce sleek and modern bags while also keeping their ethics in check.

The quality and craftsmanship is paralleled to luxury brands with price tags into the $1000.  Angela Roi keep keeps the quality by the average bag price is $200 making this a no brainier for your conscious closet.  I am about to hit the purchase button on this beauty below!

vegan handbags
Picture from Angela Roi

This brand was started in 2009 by a former Kitchen Aid corporate designer with a love for animals.  They truly believe animals should never be used in fashion and set out to create beautiful bags that prove leather just isn’t necessary.

I love these bags because of their fun and color designs.  This bright green cross body is currently on my wishlist!

New to vegan and sustainable fashion?  Read this beginner’s guide HERE!

Happy cruelty free shopping everyone.

with love,

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