How to Build the Ultimate Vegan Snack Board

This past weekend I stumbled across a new flavor of Daiya chunk cheeze and it really make me crave a vegan snack board like this!

When I was younger, well and now, I absolutely loved munching on a variety of snacks for my meals.  A little of this, a little of that.

There was a restaurant in my hometown that had what they called a “Pheasant’s Lunch” which was soup, fresh bread, cheese, apples, grapes and a few other things.  This was like my perfect meal.

But enough about my back story, you’re here because you saw this awesome spread and are wondering WHAT are all the delicious foods in that picture.

This will honestly be one of my new go tos to bring to parties and well, lunch.

I’m believe there is no wrong or right way to build an app tray like this.  Pick some of your favorite finger food and toss it together like so.

But here are some super easy tips for an EPIC snack board:

Start with anchors.  This would be your cheese, hummus, tapenade, jam, etc.  2-3 is perfect, add them to cute dishes and spread them out on your platter.

Pictured here: Daiya Cheddar and Jalapeño Havarti block cheese. Soom tahini spreads.  Sabra Hummus.

Swirl a couple of the main dippers around each spread.  Crackers around the cheese, veggies around the hummus, fruit around the chocolate.

Crackers pictured are Doctor in the Kitchen Savory Flackers.

Fill in with fun little extras.  My favorites are olives, pumpkin seeds, almonds and grapes.

Messy IS perfect.  When I first started photography I was obsessed with everything looking perfectly in place, but now realize that messy is better.  Because well life is messy 😉 And that’s how you create those IG pictures that look like it was just “tossed” together.

Told you that would be short and sweet.  Just wanted to share some of my favorite vegan foods, because well, vegan power!  And help you make an incredible vegan snack board that even your non-vegan friends will be swooning over.

I get asked a lot too what exactly I use to create my photos.  In this picture I had a slab of white marble sitting on my porch (natural light is the best so I take almost ALL of my food photos on my porch).

I typically piece everything together in my kitchen and then bring the board outside.  I definitely favor flat layout like photos like this one, which I took directly from above, standing on a stool to get that perfect distance so you could see all the goods.

I recently got a DSLR and have the Canon Rebel T5 which is pretty inexpensive.  And I love love love my 50 mm lens for food photography!  That’s about it.  I try to keep it super simple as my apartment doesn’t allow storing of too many extra equipment pieces and props.

If you make a stellar board of your own, we would LOVE to see it.  Be sure to tag on on Instagram!

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