4 Companies Crafting Chic Vegan Winter Coats

vegan winter coats

Well ladies and gents, its about that time again: dreaded winter weather time.  We wanted to wrap up our favorite cruelty free and vegan winter coats for all you snow bunnies out there!

I am a warm weather gal myself, but having lived in the Midwest my whole life I have learned a thing or two about how to survive the dreaded long winters here in Wisconsin.  Most notably, ones wardrobe MUST have the warmest of winter coats.

I have had the same winter coat for years now but recently noticed it was time for an upgrade.  However, I came to find that down free, fur free vegan winter coats were actually hard to come by.

Luckily, for us vegans out there, there are a few amazing companies changing the game and offering up the chicest of cruelty free winter coats.  Browsing gorgeous ethical winter clothing is about all that gets me excited for the impending snow falls.

1. Hood Lamb
hood lamb
Hood Lamb has been around since the 90’s and has always been dedicated to making the warmest and stylish of vegan winter coats.  Each of their items is crafted out of hemp, organic and recycled materials.

The also partner with amazing companies, including PETA, Sea Shepard and 1% for the Planet to ensure they are giving back where it matters most.

Their designs are tested among the harshest of weather conditions to provide the best quality pieces that they can.

Their line of knitwear is also perfect for us freezing in the upper US winters.


2. Vaute Couture
vaute couture

Vaute is the world’s first completely vegan brand and is dedicated to making animals as fashion a thing of the past.

Started in 2008 by vegan powerhouse Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Vaute has brought cruelty free fashion to the masses.  From their vegan winter coats to evening wear lines they are changing up the scene and showing everyone how clothing can be compassionate.

Their biggest staple is definitely their line of fur free, down free WARM winter coats.  With their many, many styles everyone is sure to find one that fits their style.  You can even visit their flagship store in NYC.  I haven’t been yet, but boy is it on my list!


3. Save the Duck 

save the duck
This company is not only passionate about keeping their clothes compassionate, but also making a positive impact in the world.

Their thermal insulation in perfect for any weather and it is light weight enough to pack in your suitcase to accompany any travel destination.

Their commitment statement reads: to improve the sustainability of our company by fully respecting animals, their environment and the people that live in it.

I love how transparent their website is as well, noting each of their materials, dyes, etc so consumers can truly feel good about their purchase!

OH…and they have matching coats for your four legged friends!


4. Wully Outerwear
wully outerwear
Rounding off our list is ethical company Wully Outerwear.  Though they do not reveal the secrets of their insulation, they are dedicated to remaining vegan and cruelty free.

This company was born in Canada out of a love for the wildlife and a vision to create cruelty free clothing.

They are also dedicated to helping social causes like jobs in underdeveloped countries, minimizing ecological impact and saving countless animals.  They also donate a portion of their proceeds to causes like Animal Sanctuary and The Fur Bearers.

With amazing cruelty option like these, who needs fur?

Be sure to check out our top vegan boots as well, HERE. 

with love,

vegan winter coats
vegan winter coats
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