Finding your Calm at White Oak Lavender Farm

white oak lavender farm

When I first found out that we would be touring a lavender farm while staying in Harrisonburg I pictured rolling hills a dusty purples hues and Instagram worthy shots. I didn’t, however, expect to find a sanctuary of zen.

Nestled into the Harrisonburg, VA countryside equipped with breathtaking views of the mountains to the east is White Oak Lavender Farm.

This family owned farm grows over 8,000 lavender plants in many unique varieties. Strolling up to their gift shop you’ll instantly smell the lavender wafting over the countryside.

Inside you’ll find everything from lavender essential oils to lavender scone mix and even lavender infused wine. Most items are made onsite using their very own plants.

Out back is what could be described as a tranquil garden. Not only does the intoxicating smell of lavender relax everyone who crosses its path, but in the garden you’ll find swinging hammocks, a life size chess set and a labyrinth.

Julie, one of the farms owner’s, idea behind the whole property is to offer people a place of quiet and relaxation from their busy lives. They have many regular visitors who use the space as a lunch spot for a mindful break from work or others who bring their families to pet the many farm animals, including pigs, bunnies and horses.

She understood the importance of healthy ways to manage stress and the toll it takes on our body and spirit. Becoming quite a local expert and she has created labyrinths around the area, even using her site to help those with anger management.

In the hustle and bustle of lives today, it is refreshing to stumble upon a place of such calm. To connect with the world around you, relax with the sweet smell of lavender and of course, rub a piggie belly or two.

After strolling the self pick fields and learning about the process we carefully picked some items that would be safe for our journey home (limited to 3 ounces or less was a tall order). Me settling on a bottle of lavender infused balsamic, Eric a sleep spray.

We then headed to the final piece of their puzzle, their wine tasting, sampling their array of delicious lavender infused wines, sad that the bottles wouldn’t make it through airport security.

Julie hopes to use her facility to continue to energize and revitalise every person who enters as well as become a premier source for lavender in the US. Currently, most of the lavender used in the culinary and beauty industry comes from France and Hungary.

By educating the public, teaching courses on growing lavender and selling her own to local companies, Julie hopes that the lavender industry in the US will continue to grow so that we can source all the necessary plants locally, benefiting the economy and the planet.

For more information on their mission, products and classes, be sure to check out their website. And if you are ever in the area, I strongly encourage you to stop by to find a little zen.

And if you won’t be finding yourself in the area anytime soon, start by trying these tips for mindful meditation you can do at home!

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