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zero waste shampoo

When adopting a more zero waste mentality, my beauty counter was the area I struggled the most with.  Then I was introduced to companies like Plaine Products and I found a way to have zero waste shampoo.

If you have been following along for awhile you know that one of my BIG goals this year was to drastically reduce the waste build up in our household.

Sure, we used reusable shopping bags, glass water bottles and frequented the bulk section at the grocery store but I knew there was SO much more we could be doing.

Like everything it was been a work in progress but each day I just try to be better than the last.  (Here are a couple of my zero waste posts: Zero Waste Grocery Haul and 7 Things your Zero Waste Kitchen Needs).

Within the first couple weeks I already noticed a huge difference, mainly that we hadn’t needed to take the garbage out for weeks!  But I also noticed that our house felt less cluttered, less messy and I was really saving money.

That was, until I walked into the bathroom.  Now, I want to start this by saying I am pretty low key when it comes to my beauty routine but the amount of plastic in my bathroom was still embarrassing.  So, that was the area I tackled next.

I started researching ways to make a lot of the products myself from bulk ingredients I could buy at the store.  (Like this DIY Powder Foundation!)  And found there were some great ways to save a ton of money and plastic while also removing many toxic chemicals from my routine.

Next came my shower routine.  I started looking for a DIY recipe for shampoo but was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on Plaine Products.  A company changing the game in plastic use and making it easy to ditch the single use bottles.

So, what is it exactly?  Plaine Products was created by two sisters who wanted to make a positive impact on our environment.  They saw all the damages “disposable” plastic was having on the world and wanted to help combat that.

They worked for two years to create shampoo, conditioner and body wash in refillable aluminum bottles.  PLUS they are cruelty free and vegan, win win.

How it works is you order your products from their website and they are shipped to your door.  Once the bottles are empty, ship ’em back to get them refilled.  It is seriously as simple as that.

You can even set up a subscription to keep the bottles coming! Check them out HERE!

I am so thrilled companies like this are popping up and forcing us to LOOK at the unnecessary waste we are creating.  Honestly, a year ago it wasn’t even on my radar until I started researching more about the harm we are doing to the environment and definitely to the oceans.

Now I can’t get it OUT of my head.  I bring my mason jar and bamboo silverware set every where I go, because you just never know when you’re going to need them.  This included taking a bag full of reusable items on our last trip out to Denver (read about my zero waste travel essentials).

It may not feel like a lot, but every time you skip the paper coffee cup or plastic fork you are making a difference.

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