13 Eco Friendly Summer Date Ideas

Summer is a great time to spend more time outdoors chilling with nature and your spouse.  Try out some of these cheap and eco friendly date ideas!

As the hubby and I were thinking of things to do this summer, we started making a list of our favorite outdoors and eco friendly ideas.

Cheap and sustainable date night is totally my cup of tea!  There are plenty of ways to have fun, that don't hurt our Mother Earth.

1) Go MINI GOLFING.  Seriously, when's the last time you did that!  If you are like me, it's always a blast!  And like $10!  And because I am terrible....it takes me all day!

2) Build a SANDCASTLE at the Beach :)  Um.  Yeah.  That sounds awesome!

3) Go berry picking.  Or apple picking.  Or rhubarb.  Whatever you fancy!

4) Check out the local farmer's market!  There is one in pretty much ANY town.  Not only can you find awesome local produce, but they usually have everything from plants and rice to handmade trinkets!

5) Pack up a picnic basket and head to the park!  While your there, swing on the swings!

6) Walk dogs at the local shelter!  Almost all rescues have volunteer hours and LOVE when people come hang with the pups!  (Better yet, adopt a dog....and NEVER have a dull summer again!)

7) Go to a local State Park.  With awesome hiking, biking and walking paths, these are the perfect little outdoor activity.  Here in Wisconsin I think the entry is only $5....or get a year pass for like $25 and check out them all!

8) While your there, rent a canoe or kayak....or paddle boat!

9) Collect seashells at the beach.  What a fun little keepsake.  We have some displayed in a jar at home!

10) Go check out a baseball game.  Whether it be pro, minors or little league!  Grab a veggie dog and enjoy the sun!

11) Fly a kite.  Now doesn't that sound like fun???

12) Volunteer have a cause near and dear to your heart? Find local organizations that you can volunteer for.

13) Check out a local festival!  Even the smallest of towns have festivals!  Sometimes the weirdest ones are the best!  Food Truck Fest or Karaoke Fest anyone???

Just get outside and enjoy the sunny summertime!

with love,


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