5 Steps to a Powerful Morning Routine

Have you ever had those days where for whatever reason you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  Trying diligently to change your attitude, but the tide is just not in your favor today.

Our days are consumed by so many dauntless, energy sucking tasks, that we wake up dreading the day, before the day has even started.  Why do we approach each day like it might just kill us?

We dread Mondays.  Board Meetings. Dinner with family.  Grocery shopping.  Cleaning.

We set ourselves up for misery.  We dread these tasks before they even begin.

Would you change your mind, if you could?

I read a quote "you can often change your circumstances, by changing your thoughts."

It sounds so cliche.  Easier said than done.  But it really is that simple.  So why don't more people take advantage of that simple advice?

Follow these steps to set yourself up for success and positive thinking.  Embed it in your brain so much so that nothing can get you down.

1. Start each day with a grateful heart.  Try to, before you even get out of bed, count your blessings.  Think about the positive things in your life.  Not only will this set your day on a positive note, it will truly help you be more grateful for those around you.  Shedding positive light on loved ones and things in your life will help you appreciate all that you do have.

2. Start each day with meditation. This art has been around for thousands of years.  And although it may seem silly to some, those who practice it regularly can vividly explain the impact it has had on their lives.  Shortly after you wake, or even while you are still in bed, quiet your mind.  Much like counting blessings, this practice will help you have a grateful, peaceful mind each morning.

3. Set out to have a positive, life changing day It's all in your attitude.  If you wake up thinking that the day will be terrible, it probably will.  Every encounter you have will be negative.  Instead, wake up and tell yourself "today will be a great day."  Sure, sure, it sounds cheesy.   But just see what happens when you make an effort to do this one little thing.  And even more importantly, when negativity creeps in or a bad situation has you salty, remember the joys in life and pull yourself back in.  Take a few deep breaths and move on to a more positive situation.

4.  Have a healthy, hearty breakfast. Take time each morning to sit down, even for just 5 minutes and eat.  Breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day, mainly because people are in a rush and run out the door.  It is also sometimes the more unhealthy meal of the day.  Quick stops to McDonalds or a bagel shop become some people's routine.  Not only does this set your health standards for the day, it also drastically effects your mood.  When that fatty, carb filled breakfast wears off, you will feel the physical and mental effects of that sugar crash.  Things like oatmeal, whole grain toast, eggs or a smoothie are great ways to start off your day.  Don't have time to cook in the morning?  Try baking a quiche or muffins on the weekends, that will last you all week!  New meaning to fast food!

5.  Be present.  So often our lives are moving at a million miles per minute.  Take time to enjoy your day.  You can still move and work at a fast speed, but be present in each task.  Whether that be driving your kids to school, answering mindless emails, or out to dinner with friends.  Try to soak up all that the day has to offer, even the boring, meaningless tasks.  We spend too much time wishing for the weekend, and not enough time creating good in each day.

Make this your own.  Find what works best for you, but I guarantee starting with these five things will already make a huge difference.

with love Jackie

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