5 Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Waste

Ever think about how much trash you accumulate daily?  If you want to change that, check out this tips to reduce waste.

I am an ethical vegan, always have been, always will, until the day I die (I am holding out to become the oldest women alive someday….you just watch and see!).  But my second biggest factor for promoting a vegan lifestyle is our planet.

I won’t get into too many details now, this topic would probably be best served through a video anyway, but our environment needs HELP people.  Climate change IS happening and we MUST band together to make an impact, because unfortunately our government will not.

They are looking to take away funding from all government funded agencies devoted to climate change as well as funding to universities studying this issue.  Can you BELIEVE that???   Seriously, sit and think, what will happen to the polar bears?  I can’t help but think how many MORE species we will lose every single year if protecting the environment is NOT on our agenda.  The results will be devastating.

So, I sat there and cried and cried for our planet.  For it’s people and it’s animals, very uncertain of what the future holds for us.  I felt very hopeless and helpless.  In that moment I know I needed to do MORE to spread the word about saving our planet.

I want to educate people on easy ways that they too can reduce their wastes and carbon footprint.  No, not all tips will focus on reducing animal consumption, but I will throw those articles in here too.

I will focus on educating all you amazing readers on ways that YOU can help save the planet every single day.  Everything from my favorite eco friendly products to waste free living to how to master buying in bulk!  No topic is off limits.

I hope that you are inspired by this and I would love to have you along for this journey as we ALL learn how to make more of a positive impact on this earth.

Here you go: 5 Things you can do TODAY to reduce you wastes:

1.  Stop using plastic grocery bags

Who here has WAYYYYYYY too many plastic bags hanging out under their sink??  Yep, I feel you.  I’ve been there.

I encourage you to invest in some canvas, bamboo or organic cotton reusable bags!  ANNNNND did you know they have reusable produce bags???

I get sick to my stomach when I see people put three lemons in a plastic bag.  GAH!

This is one of my favorite companies for eco friendly shopping bags: http://www.ecobags.com

Get in the habit of keeping them in your car so you always have them handy.  If I don’t have a tote with me, I will honestly carry all of my food in my hands or purse.  I am THAT dedicated to not using plastic bags.

It may take a little while until you get in the habit of remembering them, but I assure you, it is WORTH it.

2.  Razors.  

I read somewhere that there are over a BILLION razors that get thrown out every single year.  YIKES.  That’s a lot.

This one is a little tricky, and a littler pricier, but in the long run its worth it.

My biggest recommendation would be to get a safety razor blade that has replaceable heads.  That way you only have to recycle the little blades, versus the whole razor.

Look for a higher quality one, and although you may spend $50-$60 on one, you probably spend that in 6 months on regular razors.

You can also get a razor sharpening kit.  (This is on my buy soon list…..) This way you can even sharpen your dull blades from your replaceable razor.  How cool is that??  Check out THIS one!

And lastly, buy disposable razors made from recycled material.  Obviously still creates a little waste, but these HERE are made from 100% recycled material, that’s still a HUGE win!

While you are on the Preserve site, make sure to browse all there other awesome recycled products!  That company knows what’s UP!

3.  Paper Towel 

Yep, I used to be that girl who used paper towels over hand dryers.  I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Now I use hand dryers and cloth napkins every chance I get!  It’s just so silly to be using all that paper towel.  I mean, this one doesn’t really need any explanation, it boils down to us being lazy and not wanting extra laundry, am I right??

So, do yourself and the planet a favor buy purchasing some organic cotton napkins for all your household needs!  I love THESE and THESE.  Yep, pricey up front, but have you ever added up how much you spend on paper towels and paper napkins?  It’s probably a lot.  Just saying.

4.  Water Bottles and Coffee Cups. I am ALLLLLLL about filtered water, so I understand the appeal of buying bottled water, but have you ever stopped for a second and thought about how ABSURD that is??  You are buying a free product AND creating wastes.  Sometimes we humans just don’t think.

My husband and I have two large PUR filters at our house.  I believe both are 2-3 gallon containers.  One of the best purchases ever!  Not only do we get yummy filtered water, but we use very little wastes (aside from the initial purchase and then the filters), but that is SO minimal compared to buying bottled water.

My current water bottle fav is THIS Kablo bottle!  It is made of 100% borosilicate glass, is non-toxic and BPA free.  They also donate 1% to the 5 Gyres Institute to help tackle plastic pollution!  Shop the Kablo glass water bottle.  I make sure to carry one where ever I go and keep one in my car at all times!

Same goes for coffee cups!  PLEASE stop buying paper coffee cups!  All coffee shops will gladly make your latte or tea in a reusable cup, most places even give you a discount for bringing in your own, so its a win win!

I honestly have made a rule with myself that if I do not have a reusable cup along I cannot get coffee to go.  And I stick to it.  The planet does not need more wastes simply because I need my coffee fix and cannot plan ahead.

Another thing I make sure to always have in my car then 😉

5. Boxed and canned foods.  

This one is a little more labor intensive, but I highly recommend exploring eco friendly options!

Think about ALL the boxed and canned foods that you buy.  How many of them could you make from scratch with little to no wastes?  Think salsa, pizza sauce, canned fruits, rice and pasta dishes.

Pizza sauce was a HUGE stable in our house because we made homemade pizza a lot.  And I just couldn’t get over buying jarred pizza sauce.  So, we started making our own.  Even if every week you just try a new recipe from scratch, eventually you won’t need much canned stuff at all!  AND homemade is definitely healthier!

PHEW.  Okay.  I hope you made it through that list with me!  Don’t feel so overwhelmed that you don’t do ANYTHING.  Make small little changes every day and eventually you will have drastically reduced your foot print!  And honestly, you’ll reduce your costs as well!

Convenience foods and products cost A LOT, and are not food for our environment or our bodies!

with love,


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