7 Things Your Zero Waste Kitchen Needs

I have been getting a TON of questions on some of my favorite products to help transition to a zero waste kitchen, so I wanted to round some of them up and put them into a nice little post!  

I think the kitchen is one of the hardest and easiest rooms to over haul to be waste free.   If you have ever peered into your grocery cart you might see one MAJOR thing: plastic.  It unnecessarily covers everything.   From your apples, to bread and pretty much everything in between, it’s hard to grocery shop with out.  But IS it that hard? At first I honestly thought it was going to be an impossible feat or that I was going to have to spend every free minute in the kitchen cooking from scratch just to avoid the excess waste. Both of those actually turned out to be untrue. It did take a little effort, a little research and a little stocking up on some handy things to help a girl out!   If you have the right tools in your cupboards, your zero waste kitchen gets a whole lot easier.   Let’s start with the basics, many of these items I mentioned in my How to Buy in Bulk post, but they are so key I am going to point them out again. Produce Bags These little guys are SO handy.  Before I finally got some for Christmas this year I was literally the girl with 10 apples, 7 zucchinis and a dozen tomatoes just rolling around in my cart.  Boy, the cashiers must have hated me!   But no more.  I am now a proud ORGANIZED shopper.  I have about 8 bags to put all my produce in.  They seriously make my and the clerk’s life much much easier.   Jars, Jars and more Jars Another thing my wonderful mother got me for Christmas was an assortment of LARGE jars.  These are perfect for bulk dry goods.  Think beans, lentils, rice, etc.  And yes, I bring these right to the store with me and load up! I also have an assortment of mason jars for smaller things like chia seeds, tea, seasonings.  Pick them up cheap at thrift stores! Knives Invest in a good set of knives.  They don’t need to be super fancy, my hubby got me these a few years ago and I love them! Get a variety set, with a chef’s knife, pairing knife, bread knife, you’ll use them all! Stock pot I honestly just had to buy a SECOND stock pot because we make so many yummy recipes in them!  Everything from chili to bulk rice (hint, you can make a HUGE batch and freeze some!). We also cook quinoa and steel cut oats on the weekly, so these bad boys get their use! Food processor/ blender One of the best things I got for myself last year was a food processor/ blender duo.  I had been needing one for quite some time and finally got a good one!   Ours even has a small smoothie size attachment that we use not only for smoothies, but for sauces as well!   The food processor was big for making things like pizza sauce, protein bars, and veggie burgers from scratch!  We eliminated  A LOT of packaging when we started making all those goodies without waste.   Storage containers This is a no brainer, but obviously stock up on storage containers.   Get some larger ones to store your stock pot of soup for the week, as well as smaller ones for taking your lunch to work or school! When you can buy glass or at least BPA free, no sense in eating extra chemicals through your cookware!

Paperless products Stock up on linen or cotton of your typical paper products.  This includes wash clothes and paper towel!  You can always cut up old bath towels as well, they make the perfect rags for cleaning.

Sure, it will add a little bit to your laundry stack, but will keep a lot of bleached paper out of the garbage.

I think that wraps up my essentials for a waste free kitchen.  I know it might seem daunting at first, but stock your kitchen with the right tools and I promise it is easier than it seems!

Would love to hear your tips and tricks for reducing waste in your home!  Drop a comment below.

With love, Jackie

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