Beauty Brands Changing the Industry with their Eco Friendly Packaging

Over the last year I have really tried to reduce the waste that our household was producing.  From packaged foods to fast fashion, cleaning products and my beauty counter.

Although I am far from perfect and no my trash does not all fit in a mason jar, but I would like to think that we have done a good job in reducing.  I will say however that the beauty counter has been the HARDEST for me to clean up.

The single plastic containers, tubes and bottles littered my bathroom drawers with no real solution in sight.

I tried many a recipe to make my own mascara (that one ended with my sink being dyed permanently black) and my DIY toothpaste let my mouth feeling dirtier than before it hit my teeth.

So, instead of crying over spilt mascara, I set out to find companies who were changing the game in beauty packaging.

Luckily, I found quite a few who were doing things the right away and who I would gladly give my money to as long as I never had to make anything with activated charcoal again!

Tap Tap San Fransisco Just a little Etsy shop right now, but this sustainable brand has amazing products.

I have been looking for a better deodorant for awhile and their spray form has been working really well.

I also love their lip balm in compostable packaging as well as their natural skin oils and moisturizers.   Most of their packaging is plastic free with only their spray heads made of plastic.  You can however buy refills without the topper so you can reuse it from bottle to bottle!

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Also an Etsy store this brand focuses on zero waste and plastic free makeup.  Yes, yes, I KNOW, praise the lord.

They have everything from concealers to brow powders and everything in between.  All of their products get rave reviews and all are packaged tins, bottles or paper containers.

Faraday Face Faraday is cruelty free & vegan and is very dedicated to using non toxic ingredients from plant-based, naturally-derived, or stable sources.

They are also completely plastic free!  They even shipped their products to me using recyclable cardboard and paper tape as well as paper shipping packer.

Elate This brand is well known in the cruelty free, vegan, plastic free world.  Their products are packaged in materials like bamboo, paper or tin.

They have a wide range of beauty products which could easily make this a one stop shop for your needs.

A good place to start is their beauty or palette kits!

Kjaer Weis Although I have not tried this brand yet it is certainly on my list!

Their packaging is all stainless steel which has a 100% recycle rate (we LOVE that!). They also offer refills for all of their products to help reduce waste even more.

I have my eye on their bold lipsticks and eye shadows!

Twinkle Apothecary Also hailing from Etsy this shop is based out of Oklahoma City.  They feature biodegradable or plastic free packaging.

They have quite an assortment of products such as perfumes, deodorant and essential oils.  I am adding their salt soak, acne spot treatment and makeup remover to my cart!

Hope these game changing companies help you clean up your beauty counter.  Have a recommendation for a brand I need to try?  Please let me know!

with love, Jackie

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