What is Vegan Fashion? And Why is it Important?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

All these fashion buzz words these days have people's heads spinning!  

Sustainable, ethical, eco friendly, all natural & vegan fashion are all on the up and up but it is leaving people unsure of what these terms actually mean. 

I have every intention on writing about each area in the coming weeks but wanted to start with the one that is the most important here at our brand: vegan fashion. 

Simply put vegan fashion is clothing or accessories made from cruelty-free sources, meaning no animal derived fabrics or materials are used at ANY part of the process.  

These not only means no wool, leather, or silk but also no horn buttons, no beeswax adhesive and no beetle color dye.  

A lot of people ask me, why vegan fashion?  I have been vegan for a number of years and while transforming my kitchen & beauty counter were quite easy, my closet was another story.  

I was also very sustainably minded as well and couldn't find good vegan clothing options that were not polyester or other synthetic fibers which just are not good for the planet. 

My "sustainable" options were leather, silk & cashmere. 

Always being a fashionista at heart I knew in that moment that my calling was to help create a more compassionate fashion world.  

But if you ended up on our site and are not quite sure WHY vegan fashion is important we wanted to share the specifics of why we don't use leather, wool or other animal derived materials. 

What's wrong with leather? 

The misconception is that leather is a "by-product" of the meat industry & therefore more ethical. Unfortunately, leather is more of a "co-product" of the meat industry, and does drive overall demand of cows being raised for human use. And the factory farmers get high prices by selling hides as well.

Leather has become such a sought after product by even fast fashion brands like Target and H&M who want to offer "genuine leather" goods in their stores. And all these materials come from the factory farming to animals for human use, there is just nothing ethical about that.

Also, many "sustainable" brands use leather in huge quantities telling their customers that because leather is a "natural" fiber, it is therefore very eco friendly.

You have hopefully heard that the factory farming of animals (for any reason) is anything by eco friendly. . CO2 emissions from farmed animals is one of the largest causes of climate change in the world. The tanning process used on leather is also very harmful as it utilizes toxic chemicals in the process.

What's wrong with wool? 

Many people are told that "shearing" is just a necessary hair cut for sheep, but unfortunately during this process sheep are treated inhumanely & clipped in a very violent manner. 

And before humans started breeding them for our use & genetically modified their DNA, they shed their wool naturally.  (Do you really think that sheep NEED us to shear them?  What a major design flaw in the animal kingdom if that was the case).

Because wool has become an "IT" material, sheep are raised in factory farms just as cows are raised for meat & rabbits are raised for fur. Wool is also not as sustainable as brands make it out to seem.  The carbon foot print that the factory farming of sheep has is huge, closely following the terrible affects of cow leather. What's wrong with cashmere?  Humans started using cashmere because in the spring goats do shed their coats leaving this fine hair that can be woven into textiles, but with the popularity & demand for this "high quality" product among fashion brands goats are now sheered in the winter when their wool is in the highest of demand.   Many of these farmers are in Asian countries, where the animals need their winter coats to survive the temperatures.  Many die because they don't have their natural protection.   And just as in leather & wool industries, we are still farming animals for the sheer purpose of human use.   Fur? Crocodile? Python? In the cases of any "skin" material used in fashion the animal must be killed in order to use THEIR skin in the garment, bag or shoe.   Most live in cages and are sometimes skinned alive.   What's wrong with down? The highest grade of down, used to make the most costly bedding, involves a practice called live-plucking. This includes feathers and the undercoating of geese and ducks are pulled off their skin while the waterfowl are still alive.

While even though many brands claim they use "responsible down" undercover investigations have proven that live plucking is a common practice at these suppliers as well.  

We believe there is no reason to raise any animal just for human purpose when there are natural, plant based options that do not harm animals or the planet.  

That's why we set out to prove that a wardrobe staple like a blazer (that is almost always made out of wool) CAN be tailored, chic & 100% cruelty free. As we evolve our brand we will always be first and foremost dedicated to doing no harm to animals, the planet or the people.  

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