DIY Powder Foundation - Zero Waste, All Natural

Next up in our zero waste series is DIY powder foundation.  After recently cleaning out my beauty closet (yes I had a small closet for all these items) I realized how much WASTE I accumulated simply from beauty products.

Not only that, but I started to think about all the chemicals I was putting on my skin.  I am SO careful with what I eat, but not what I lather on my skin.

You might be wondering, why did I start with powder foundation?  Well, it's pretty simple, I ran out of my old stuff.  So, I figured this was a perfect time to concoct my own recipe.

I dove into internet research, looking for all natural, vegan bases for my powder.  I wanted something that was not harmful,  was inexpensive and that I could buy zero waste.

I finally landed on arrowroot powder, which I was thrilled to learn could be used seeing as I had a stash from making my own dry shampoo.

Arrowroot powder is made from the arrowroot tuber.  It is made by soaking the plant in hot water and peeling off the skin.  It is then mashed into pulp and then separating the pulp from the starch.  The starch is filtered and ground into powder.

Completely natural, completely vegan, completely cruelty free.

It has been known to have great health benefits and has also been noted to be great for your skin.  It acts similarly to talcum powder, which is a chemical used in everything from baby powder to cosmetics, but is an all natural, chemical free option!

Arrowroot makes skin softer and smoother, and even more oil absorbent.  It's natural properties help combat acne without the risky chemicals (talcum powder based products usually also have carcinogens EEK!).

For centuries arrowroot has been used to treat pimples, rashes, and even snake bites.  Here I was putting chemicals on my skin when I could have been putting this miracle powder on it instead.  Lesson learned.

Here is what else is needed to get started with DIY powder foundation: cocoa or cinnamon, and an oil if you want to make a pressed powder.

The cocoa/ cinnamon is used to tint the powder.  Arrowroot powder is starch white, so a little color is necessary.  I chose cocoa because I had some raw powder sitting around at home, I am sure cinnamon works just as well too.

I started with about 1/2 cup of arrowroot powder and added cocoa until I reached the tint that I was aiming for.  I just store it in a little glass bowl on my kitchen counter.

To make a pressed powder, you'll want to add a little carrier oil (jojoba oil and almond oil are both great for the skin).  Add a couple drops at a time and mix to form a paste.

Then you'll want to press it down into the bottom of the container (again, a small glass bowl works great).  Smooth out the top as much as possible, but it definitely doesn't need to be perfect.

Let it harden and TADA, you have your own pressed powder.  Pretty simple, huh?

Also, you can add essential oils to the ingredient list.  This can act as a natural perfume then, too.

So, there it is, easy as pie, DIY powder foundation.  Let me know if you give it a try!

with love, Jackie

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