Your Guide to a Sustainable Bedroom

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Recently I was mattress shopping, as our mattress did not make the move out to Colorado, and I obviously was looking into eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan mattresses.

While I found that the sustainable and eco-friendly part were easier to come by than I thought, the vegan part was not.  So many mattresses had wool, horse hair or other non-vegan materials.

I knew there had to be some good options for vegans out there so I went into research mood and wanted to share my findings with you all!  And because bedding/ sheets can do often be made of silk, down and wool I wanted to share a couple great places to get all your vegan bedroom essentials.

First, you may be wondering WHY is a sustainably made mattress that important?

Most of the mattresses out there are made with toxic chemicals in order to made them flame retardant, mold resistant, etc.   But this is because they use petroleum based materials that need these protectors against them.  So, really they are just putting a problem on top of a problem.

These chemicals can cause all sorts of issues such as headaches, nausea, and even long lasting internal issues.  I mean, we spend 1/3 of our lives on our mattresses, we should probably be more careful about what is in them!

Thankfully, many people have taken notice and come up with great options in organic and chemical free bedding.

And although many use wool, we were able to track down a few great options that are healthy and completely vegan!

Vegan Mattresses

Essentia This is my favorite brand as they are dedicated to using ZERO animal products in any of their designs.  Their core values are truly create a healthier alternative for sleeping using organic cotton, natural plant extracts, essential oils and rubber tree materials.

CozyPure Although this company isn't strictly making vegan mattresses, all of their mattress can be made without wool!  They use a blend of natural plant based materials to create their organic mattresses and plant fibers to create the batting that would otherwise be made with wool.

Earthsake Earthsake set out create an eco friendly, vegan mattress and landed on the newly popular hemp material.  Hemp is naturally mold and mildew free (much like the non-vegan wool that is typically used).  This creates a great mattress for warmer climates.  Hemp is also very sustainable to grow making this product a great option!

Good Night Naturals This brand has not only been dedicated to organic bedding it has also been able to make many of their mattresses vegan.  They developed eco friendly and vegan flame retardant options and were able to remove wool from some selections to make them safe and vegan friendly!


MagicLinen This is actually where we got our new bedding from! It is a linen shop on Etsy - and we are in LOVE with them. I originally was a little weary about linen as I was afraid they wouldn't be as cozy, but they are great. Really soft and cool, which is great for my husband who tends to overheat. They have a great range of products and colors - and the prices are pretty reasonable, too compared to others I looked at. FlaxLinen This is first on my list as they are the only brand who makes primarily linen bedding, as opposed to cotton.  Linen is one of the most sustainable and eco friendly materials, making this brand a no brainer!  Their products have natural, earthy tones helping turn your bedroom into an oasis.

Coyuchi Not all of their bedding is vegan, but they have a ton of great options including sheets, blankets and pillow covers.  This brand is dedicated to offering the best in organic home goods ranging from bedding to bath and even kitchen items.  My favorite part is their subscription options which allows consumers to essentially "rent" the items on a monthly payment plan.  Once you are in needed of new items you send them back and they are upcycled or recycled!

Boll and Branch This company started with their dedication to make the best organic cotton sheets.  They partner with artisans in India to create high quality pieces that are good to people and the environment.  My favorite item of their site is their 100% organic cotton down alternative comforter.

Plover Started by two moms who wanted to make sure their children's room were healthy, not harmful.  They too use organic cotton in their goods and are dedicated to using people and plant friend dyes.  They are ethically made in factories that are monitored for the safety and well being of their workers.  It is easy to see why this one made the list as they have fun prints and matching sets! Even brands like PotteryBarn and West Elm have sustainable options now!

I know this goes without saying to most of you, but this is really a place where quality and price are quite high.  I wasn't going to ramble on about the importance of organic, vegan bedding but I know that I will get comments about the price so I just have to put it in here.

Yes, these prices are going to be much higher than what you are used to seeing.  But it is just like the fast fashion world.  We have now been programmed to believe that these items should be extremely cheap, but then they are made unethically and without the people, animals or environment in mind.

Yes, this will be an investment, but again you spend 1/3 of your life on your bed, why wouldn't you want to invest in the best? with love, Jackie

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