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Since deciding to downsize and move to a studio apartment, I have been going through our house room by room getting rid of STUFF.  

It is just amazing how it has accumulated over the years, especially in my bathroom!  I never realized that I had so many products that I never used or didn’t need.   As I was recycling the bottles, I vowed to stop buying random beauty products and start making a lot on my own!  

I was just embarrassed how much plastic I had laying around, well and just how much junk was piled in my drawers.   I had already been buying shampoo and conditioner in bulk with my refillable containers, and just started using homemade dry shampoo (Read the article HERE), but that was about it.   I am now doing some research on making my own makeup, lotions, rose water and more.  Stay tuned.   But while I am testing out some recipes, I wanted to share some of my essentials that I got to start my DIY and zero waste bathroom.   I will start out by saying, don’t try to do it all at once, you will just get overwhelmed.   What I did is every time I run out of a beauty product I currently have, I vow to make my own.   It started with running out of dry shampoo and not wanting to buy any more aerosol cans so I researched some DIY options.  The next one was powder foundation (recipe will be up later this week). Doing this one item at a time has really helped me take time to research each item and find recipes that will work for me and also scouting out ingredients.   Make a list of a couple items you are running low on and start by making those, so you have them when you run out.   Alright, products to help you get started!   1. Reusable MakeUp Remover Cloths I got some of THESE for Christmas and absolutely love them!  I just spray a little of my rose water toner on the cloths and they remove makeup so well!   I used to always have disposable makeup cloths with me but these are so much easier, cheaper and better for your skin and the environment.   2.  Glass bottles and jars For the most part I just use glass containers I have laying around, but for some of the items I needed some better options.  I ordered a few glass spray bottles and a few glass jars.   These were for items like my rose water, powder foundation and blush, just makes it a littler easier, and the bottles are way cute!   3.  Larger bottles I also got a couple nice larger bottles for things like lotion, shampoo and body wash.  I currently buy mine in bulk, so I can refill my containers when needed.  But going forward I am going to try making my own.  Either way nice reusable bottles are important! 4.  Arrowroot Powder I have come to find this is a cure all in the beauty department.  I have used this is many recipes already including my dry shampoo.  Stock up, I promise you will be using a lot of it! 5.  Aloe Vera Plant Aloe Vera has a ton of different uses (check out my article HERE), including quite a few in the beauty department.   And the great thing about it is you can take it straight from the plant, actually it's best that way!  No chemicals added and you have a renewable, zero waste ingredient!   6.  Makeup Brushes So, this you probably already have laying around, so you’re probably good.  I previously only had one brush before, for my powder foundation but since then have needed a few more.  

Right now I still only have two, a second for my dry shampoo, but am looking around for some more.  My next products on my list are eyeliner and eyeshadow, so am suspecting I will need some for those soon.  Stay tuned ;) Either way, make sure you are getting good quality and vegan brushes!  That’s right, a lot of brushes are made from horsehair or something similar, you’ll obviously want to avoid those.  Check out this list HERE. I am sure I will have a lot to add to this list as I continue to go through my products, but this is a great place for anyone to start!   I’ll be sure to add more tips and share all my recipes and experiences with you guys.  Thanks for following along.   with love,


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